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It's World RARE Disease Day! 2015 #RareDiseaseDay2015

What is a Rare Disease?

In the U.S., any disease affecting fewer than 200,000 people is considered rare. This definition comes from the Orphan Drug Act of 1983 and is slightly different from the definition used in Europe. There are nearly 7,000 rare diseases affecting nearly 30 million Americans. In other words, almost one in ten Americans are suffering from rare diseases.

Besides dealing with their specific medical problems, people with rare diseases struggle to get a proper diagnosis, find information, and get treatment. The rarity of their conditions makes medical research more difficult.

Oh yeah…this is every year on the last day of February…not just Leap Year’s! Perhaps I should shift my advocacy focus to something along these lines, since I have been diagnosed with two rare disease, since I blogged about “RARE Disease Day 2012″.

First is Narcolepsy, which I’ve had symptoms that could be argued trace back to late Elementary/Early High School (which got missed, since teachers were on strike for most of that year.) Though didn’t really become a significant problem to me, personally, until sometime during Freshman year at University (where, I had come across a clipping that there were pockets of H1N1 cases reported for the ‘86/’87 flu season.)

I received my second/current diagnosis of Narcolepsy in July 2012.

The first one in 2011 was based on Neurologist re-review of MSLT, but then he reversed his diagnosis for Narcolepsy on the basis that my Cataplexy wasn’t of the severe kind, and by spinal tap.

DSM-5 says narcolepsy is periods of an irresistible desire to sleep, or to fall asleep or nap with the same day, regardless of appropriateness of time or place. occuring at least 3 times per week over the past 3 months, accompanied by at least one of the following: Adult Cataplexy, Childhood Cataplexy, CSF Hypocretin <= 110 pg/mL, 4. PSG/MSLT finding.

ICSD-3 defines narcolepy type 1 as daily periods of irrepressible need to sleep or daytime lapses into sleep occurring for at least 3 months. With the presence of one or both of: Cataplexy and MSLT finding, or CSF hypocretin-1, of either up to 110 pg/mL or <1/3 of mean values obtained in normal subjects.

And narcolepsy type 2 as daily periods of irrepressible need to sleep or daytime lapses into sleep occurring for at least 3 months. And, requires 4 other tests, which are MSLT finding, no Cataplexy, no CSF Hypocretin-1 test or that the test result was > 110 pg/mL, and that the the first two can not be explained away by other causes.

Guess its a snap to never diagnose people with type 2, once you dismiss their reports of Cataplexy.

ICSD-3 also has a subtype of type 2 narcolepsy – due to a medical condition, such as PD, MS, head trauma.

Cataplexy is estimated to be present in ~70% of Narcolepsy cases, but I had heard that the severe form affects less than 10-15%. It is said that Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, “affects about one in every 3,000 Americans. More cases without Cataplexy are likely to exist.”

In the research for this post, I came across “Predictors of Hypocretin (Orexin) Deficiency in Narcolepsy with Cataplexy", where the thresholds are revealed to be from statistical analysis, using R. Where the optimal cutoff for CSF Hypocretin-1, the ROC curve analysis defines a gold standard of approximately 200 pg/mL as the cutoff for the diagnosis of Narcolepsy without Cataplexy vs those with, and is convenient with previously defined cut offs of low (<=110), intermediate (<=200), or normal (>200), where Narcolepsy with Cataplexy are those with 110 pg/ml or less. Intermediate….do we really exist? From what I recall reading (while I was required to lay as still as possible on back follow the spinal tap), those values were again through statistical analysis…putting the mean for Hypocretin levels for normals at ~399 pg/mL, and that 110 pg/mL was two standard deviations below the mean.

Also interesting, was “Survival curve analysis…no patient developed Cataplexy more than 26 years after onset of sleepiness, and that half (48%) with Hypocretin deficiency would eventually develop Cataplexy. When did my onset of sleepiness occur, and how does that correlate to where I had a Cataplexy episode in May 2012 that landed me in the ER (the outcome of that experience was a Dx of Cataplexy.)

And, then, I found “Complex movement disorders at disease onset in childhood narcolepsy with cataplexy", where ” The reported movements are not commonly described in adulthood Cataplexy that is typically characterized by jaw dropping, facial flickering or head dropping […], as well as by twitches of the face and of the limbs occurring during a Cataplectic spell and generally assessed by means of questionnaires” Hmmm…..

See: Narcolepsy Fact Sheet - NIH: NIINDS for more information.

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RIP: Peter Hsu - 1920-2013

Earlier this month, I took a little staycation (during which I did my "Narcolepsy: Not Alone" photo)...didn't get all the things that I wanted done, and watched even less TV than I do normally. During this time, I didn't check my 'work' email accounts (including the gmail account that I had associated with my work smartphone, which I haven't had one for a long time since I opted to downgrade to a basic prepaid phone on my own dime.)

When I returned to work on August 12 and started catching up on my email, I found a bunch of emails from my cousin June. My grandfather likely passed away due to sudden cardiac arrest Friday night (August 9th, 2013). He wasn't discovered until Saturday morning, slumped over in his walker, when my grandparent's helper showed up. He was 93 (June 12).

Guess there were other emails to my other gmail account (from my parents), but that account has become overrun by emails from places I've shopped and many discussion groups. Need to make more filters to clean things up.

Anyways, I was in shock. I was quite close to him, he's in many of my early childhood memories. Perhaps because he was the other tall person, we shared some common interests (namely photography and home stereo) growing up and he facilitated my growing interests and lead me in how passionate I am in those areas. Which has led me to being equally so in many of the other areas that I've gotten into both personally and professionally. I'll probably never have the a home stereo system like the system that drew my attention in Taiwan, Photography continues to be a part of my life despite it becoming harder and harder to do. It was how my tremor was making it difficult to enjoy my Photography hobby that had led to the diagnosis of Essential Tremor, not that it was making it hard to do precise mouse clicks at work. I've never really been a big GUI person....and as my Tremor progresses, its not likely to change....

While I hadn't seen him since 2010 when I visited him for his 90th birthday, which as it happened was also during an email move at work. In my mind there was that there ought to be a family reunion in 2015 for my grandparents 75th wedding anniversary (and 95th birthday), where we haven't had much of a family reunion since my aunt Clara had passed (in 2004). There was also the thought of a reunion in 2020 for his 100th birthday.

That makes 2000 our last family reunion (and my first cruise), which was for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary and my grandfather's 80th. We did try to have a reunion in 2005 (my third, and final &#58;&#63;&#58;, cruise)...but no Leo, Cathy or Charissa...and my grandparents eventually backed out. They haven't been into air travel for some time, and we weren't able to find a cruise around Los Angeles. We settled on one started/ended in San Diego with arranged car service to transport them to and from the port. Still it was a good cruise, even though I was flying back to so that I could be laid off from my previous job on Christmas Eve.

Then some guilt crept in as I then became angry that I didn't know about his death sooner. Along with trying to figure out bereavement leave policies and whether I could get an airplane ticket, etc. to attend his funeral on August 20th. I managed to mostly keep it together and push through the rest of the day at work. When I finally got home, I was starving and much sadness came in bursts.

Eventually, I call my parents to find out what travel plans they had to give me an idea of what plans I should make for my trip. And, then it was to see about finding an airplane ticket....I had been combing sites earlier looking for tickets for other upcoming trips, like NN Conference in October and Chicago Tardis in November. Which I probably should pull the trigger on purchasing soon, but there's a staging of when I purchase such things to manage the hit on my credit cards....

After some playing around, I find a combination of flying in the morning of August 20th and flying back on the 21st for $440...with ATL being around $470 and ORD being around $415. But, its only for a specific flight out of MHK and a specific flight back to MHK. Moving to either side, practically doubles it.

Also, I had to leave the booking with no seats selected, because the only seats it says are available are preferred or extra room seats, so two levels of extra charges. So, I left it to see what it would do when it tickets, which isn't until the next morning. It has seat assignments for MHK to DFW and DFW to MHK, but neither of the LAX flights have seats.

Should probably get to buying ATL ticket soon (now), though was considering buying ORD first given the notes of only a few seats left at the lowest price.

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Narcolepsy: Not Alone -- Time to put Kansas on the map. #narcolepsynotalone

This has been kind of a strange weekend.... but it all started on Thursday, July 25th, when I got a Facebook invite from Julie Flygare to some "Narcolepsy: Not Alone" Event....

Reading the details about it...it seemed complicated, since I'm still alone....but I soon decided that I was going to do it and starting putting the plan into motion. And, I knew just the gadget to help make this possible....on July 28th, I remembered to go online to look for it. Fortunately, the first place I thought of had it...though sadly its no longer available: http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/collapsable-camera-extender/ (unless it comes back...)

Free shipping gave a range 10-15 days (Aug 7-12?), though in reality it didn't take that long...arriving on July 31st....just under 1.5 days in shipped to delivered.

I then worked on the other details of my plan. I was going to start with the provided sign with a small tweak....though the sign is centered, so I needed to move the text up a bit to make the tweak fit. I wanted to drop a safezone symbol onto it. Though finding a safezone graphic was harder than I thought, but eventually I found something. I used gimp to lay the images together and printed it out.

It looked good, though the "Narcolepsy: Not Alone" was kind of light. I figured I would just need to reprint it later using high quality mode on my inkjet printer. The next step was to figure out when I would actually take this picture.

Lawrence Chen -- Narcolepsy: Not Alone in Manhattan, KS

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Narcolepsy Infographic

Narcolepsy Infographic: What is Narcolepsy?

Not everything that ails me is directly from my sleep disorders.

Meant to write this sooner, but wanted to do some research online on Costochondritis and Diclofenac....but never seem to remember when I had a free moment....

Anyways...somewhere about 7 month ago, I woke up one morning with severe lower right chest pain, and it made it difficult to sit up to get out of bed....ended up rolling out of bed. I figured it was a muscle injury....not sure what I did during the night to cause it.

Wearing a rib belt helped with the pain, so I used one on and off. Though as the frequency went up, I started wondering if there was something wrong with my CPAP/Sleep Apnea. Since, I recalled from last download that my AHI creeps up slowly during each sleep set, and get's much higher in the second sleep set than it did in the first. Usually reaching ~10 about an hour before I wake in the morning. So, perhaps the problem is indirectly from the management of my sleep disorders - AutoCPAP & Xyrem.

I wondered if my AutoCPAP was set too high. Since, I had come across my CPAP titration when I was re-reviewing my sleep studies to see if what they said at the NN Conference about a PSG could be sufficient to diagnose Narcolepsy. In fact found that the PSG said I might have it, but clinical correlation is needed. But, the doctors I have don't have time for that....they need objective tests with binary answers. Anyways...what I had found was the titration just tried 4, 5, 6, 7, 8....7's good enough use that. But, the upper limit of 15? I'm told its just a number that is generally safe enough. Plus the newer machines can tell if the apnea would respond to pressure or detect if the pressure is making things worse.

There are nights were I do hit 15, but its quite sparse and when I've been sick (AHI those nights can also get into the 20's).

But, it turned out to a major operation in getting the SmartLink software working again on my Windows XP VM. A while back after a Window patch it failed to boot, I was able to rollback and try again and again. Eventually removed some of the offending .Net packages, cleaned up and reinstalled and things were mostly working again. But, evidently I had left things bad for whatever the SmartLink software needed. So I ended up really removing all the .Net pieces...and reinstall the portions not used by SmartLink, letting the SmartLink installation install its version....

I had tried installing SmartLink on my Windows 7 VM, but that's on a FreeBSD host, so no USB2 support at the time. I have since picked up a Silex SX-DS-4000U2....

I finally was able to run some reports the morning before my next appointment with my Narcolepsy doctor. But, conclusion was that it didn't seem likely that my pain was directly being caused by things....though if it was a concern we could lower the upper limit (and raise my lower pressure again, with my 90% pressure 7.5 and 95% pressure 8.0. I had long ago raised my start pressure to 7.5 (when I was on just regular CPAP I had raised it to 7.5 until it was lowered back to 7 after the second PSG, because sleep lab can only do whole numbers....and sleep lab said I slept best on 8 &#58;&#63;&#63;&#58; ) I had intended to get that done, but never got around to it. There was some discussion though on whether a new titration might be in my future, and the word BIPAP was dropped.

I hope that if BIPAP is necessary it happens sooner than later...since I'm considering getting another Intellipap AutoCPAP for when I get around to building my new go-bag. The old bag works great for my Respironics M-Series, but I don't really want to go back when next time comes.

Anyways...things continued....where it was a morning or two about every other week, or more. While looking to see if there were other things I could change related to my sleep. There'll be new pillows and bedding eventually...was going to start replacing things gradually, but seems I've decided to wait until all the items are here to replace everything at the same time. That could be interesting.

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