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Why Asperger's Won't Exist after May 2013

Link: http://www.aspergerstestsite.com/1019/dsmv_whyaspergers-wont-exist

From May 2013 Asperger's Syndrome will no longer exist....as a a diagnosis. The wide diagnostic area that is the Autism Spectrum, which includes PPD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified) and Asperger's Syndrome, will be simply a single group of Autism.

While the obvious concern is the stigma of being classified as having Autism rather than Asperger's Syndrome. Where we Aspies share traits with notable historical people who may have had Asperger?s Syndrome, like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, several American presidents, and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Beethoven, and Elvis. The bigger issue may be that the higher-functioning people that met the old criteria, will no longer meet the new criteria of the single Autism diagnosis and not get any help in early childhood where it may make a difference to these individuals.

The diagnostic criteria for Asperger's is things like: lack of eye contact, no delay in speech, difficulty making friends, unusual body posture or stimming, an obsession with one subject, not engaging in interactive play, severe difficulties in adjusting to change (transitioning from one activity or place to another). While the criteria for Austism has includes all those traits, except that the person will have "no speech or delayed speech".

What's this to do with me? Well, in the of the hidden gems for health care reform perhaps as part of the mandate for electronic medical records is that I get to see into my records. Was that after my last annual physical I got a health information summary, which included a listing of "Significant Health Issues". Aside from the "Hypersomnia", "Near Syncope or Cataplexy", before the most recent addition "Cataplexy with Narcolepsy".... in there was also "Asperger's Syndrome" and "Aspergers Syndrome". Guess its important to have it listed both ways?

That was kind of a surprise, when was that diagnosis made?

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