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Friday at 27th Annual Narcolepsy Network Conference

...I am fried.

I woke up at 6:30am to take my second dose, but suddenly I was sneezing like crazy and all sorts of drainage. That I decided to not take the second dose right away, and ended up drifting into some additional sleep and while HH where I dreamt that somebody had secretly reprogrammed my machine through a extra hidden control code in the DEVICE control card. To induce all the sneezing that was happening.

Probably more like my allergies run wild here in Ohio. I had forgotten that when I used to live here, I would often get hit with really bad allergies into late October. Mali commented the air is really dry here, and that is contributing to things to....suppose I should try cranking my humidifier on CPAP tonight. Though if my nose doesn't stop running and unstuff, it might be an obstacle to trying.

So, I end up getting up at about 8am, or giving up. I'm feeling relative wide awake, so I decided to go seek out breakfast. Which included some of the most glorious bacon.

And, then I wander around looking to see what kind of volunteer work I can get into...still not sure if I will or won't make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tour that I had signed up for. Eventually, I decided that I need to find a drugstore, and try to knock down my allergy a bit. On the way out to the drugstore, I pass Ming and Shawn...who want to try tweaking the formatting of the schedule, which I haven't gotten one of yet.

I eventually get drawn into helping with signage and later the work on producing the folders. But, I do get to drop down to Table 45 for some sushi, a tempura shrimp roll and a spicy tuna roll with Tamara.

I briefly go past registration which is setting up, around 2pm...and at least I get my badge....because after that I disappear into the behind the scenes chaos and not participate or interact with friends, etc. as I had hoped. And, end up missing the Friday night dinner groups, as well as dinner...except for a few bits of scavenged food and cake. And, some poor decaf coffee, followed by an herbal tea. Guess a disappointment for such a nice hotel. The decaf coffee at the Vegas conference was way better, probably one of the best decaf coffees I had ever had.....maybe not the best cup of real coffee, but pretty darn good compared to a lot of regular coffees I've had over the years.

Though, I guess, Vegas was the last time I had coffee....though I've been tempted now and then to break out the coffee maker at home, either to end the avoid caffeine life I've been on. Or, to change up my morning hot beverage routine.

Anyways, I at least see a few familiar faces, and say the occasional hello here and there, and make significant headway on having folders for the morning, until my back is hurting so bad that neither sitting and working on folders nor standing and working on folders is bearable. Plus the sneezing is getting bad again.

So, its off to Au Bon Pain, because the hospitality suite is closed for the day....to get more bottled water, so I can have my meds for the night and morning.

Might just do a single dosing tonight, since breakfast is less than 7 hours away (which is less than the minimum 8)

The folders drama seemed a lot bigger than my perspective, guess it was good that my flight in on Thursday was so delayed.... Though I hope to engage more into the sessions and activities of the next two days.

Nutriteam Countertop Water Distiller Stainless

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Nutriteam-Countertop-Water-Distiller-Stainless/dp/B000ANW7HQ

This is what FedEx brought me today.

Now, I had on occasion thought about getting a water distiller, to deal with the funky taste that tap water has sometimes...the PuR filter dispenser doesn't help with. But, wasn't sure about the expense, or the taste of distilled water.

I had considered getting water delivered to my condo....though not really sure where I'd put a water cooler or how to deal with getting the deliveries and doing the returns. Plus not really sure I could handle the expense...though it might address the question of whether I'm drinking enough water.

But, now that I need access to distilled water to fill the humidifier for my CPAP machine....this desire moved up to the front again.

I know you can buy distilled water from the grocery store, but I live a no-car lifestyle....and its 1.5 miles to the grocery store....and its up hill on the return journey. So, buying a gallon jug of distilled water isn't something I'd like to need to do on a regular basis....ideally, I go once a weekend...though I tend to skip weekends now and then due to weather....too windy, electrical storm, too hot/humid, too icy, too much snow to need to walk through. Plus not all weekends are work....home Wildcat football games kind of mess up traffic in the area.

So, I looked at Amazon Prime to solve this need. And, with that...there was only one choice.

I'm probably only going to use it supply my CPAP humidifier with distilled water. Because it takes so long to make distilled water, and is probably operationally expensive.... Though who knows...maybe when summer rolls around, I'll want to drink plain cold water again...and I might not have done anything to resolve the taste of tap water yet.

At least it isn't San Diego water. &#59;D

CPAP Night 4

Well, last night was different...I turned down the humidifier to prevent rain-out, it didn't feel as comfortable as it was the night before. I got a note that my cover has shipped, only its going to the wrong address. It hate it when companies ask for shipping address, but then ignore it and send items to your billing address. Now I have to wait for it to arrive, and then wait for a Saturday when I can make it down to the UPS Store. They did apparently upgrade the shipment to go by priority mail, which just makes it more annoying.

During the night, I had a dream....don't recall the specifics, except that I could tell I was having one....so I woke up, and found that I had rolled over and knocked my mask part way off...and had opened my mouth.

What air was getting up my nose, was coming out of my mouth...

So, I got up and made a trip to the bathroom and the kitchen....and then back to sleep.

Then, I woke up a second time...it was close to before my alarm... So, I decided to just stay up....rather than make a trip to the bathroom, put mask back on and try to get some shuteye during the 45 minutes that was left before the alarm.

Taking the mask off, there was that strange smell and my nose was feeling sore. Wonder if I'm just smelling the part that was being covered by the mask....

Wonder if I'll look strange if I bought Lansinoh (I normally never go to that section of the grocery store, but I was there yesterday when I was looking for baby shampoo). But, people swear by it for mask soreness...and it doesn't contain any additives (so no worries about stuff in it reacting with the mask silicon seals.)

Meanwhile, I'm not sure which way I'll go. Keep humidifier low or risk drowning....

Woohoo, UPS was here....

First Night with Heated Humidifier

Last night was my first night with the heated humidifier....it was kind of mixed night.

It went on so well, that I wasn't sure it was even working. Other than that I would've had difficulty breathing with the CPAP off, it certainly didn't feel like it was on the same way before the humidifier. Guess the lack of cold dry against the inside of my nose confused me.

So, I spent the first part of the night feeling for the air flow, and then wondering if I was feeling the right air flow. Didn't need ramp (at this stage). However, there was more noise from things last night...I guess its just the added sound of the air going through the humidifier now. Though it might also be that I put the machine in a different spot, due to its added size.

But, this time I was up twice during the night.....rolling over and nearly drowning is kind of a problem. I had ordered a HoseBuddy, to help with getting tangled up in the hose during the night. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten rid of the headboard for my bed a couple of months ago.... I think I debated getting a hose cover, trying to pad my order to be over $99....which I do have one coming. But, it probably won't arrive until after this weekend, so it would mean I have to wait until the 10th to get it from the UPS Store.

Going back to sleep after the near drowning was harder....did feel the need to use ramp once.

Then when I woke up there was a 'new' smell inside my nose. Though later when I was cleaning things, I noticed a lingering smell....guess its a 'feature' of the dish soap I'm using. Guess I'll add baby shampoo or something to my (mental) shopping list. Hopefully I'll remember while grocery shopping hungry....

The fit was a little off, because I was using the medium nasal pillow...it fit okay when I tried it at the Home Medical place, but I guess laying down and moving about in bed...it doesn't fit as well. Guess the large nasal pillow is what I'll stick with using for now.

I recalled a dream from last night....the annoying kind. I dreamed that I had woken up because my nose had water in it, and that I had pulled off the mask and turned off the CPAP and....then I woke up to find that I needed to actually do what I had just dreamed.

Night Two with the CPAP

Tried a different cushion. Didn't like it....makes different contact with my face that bothered me. RT has suggested the medium nasal pillow might be the right size for me (rather than the large that was prescribed). Think I'll try that one tonight.

Also my head was wet this morning....apparently I was sweating a bit...and the mask/pillow arrangement kept things damp.

Still rough adjusting to the pressure when I first put it on, but when I wake it just feels natural. How I sleep has changed. Though right now instead of getting up half a dozen times through the night to use the bathroom...I do all those trips during the first hour of getting into bed, but I sleep through the night. And, now no more dreaming.....

I picked up the humidifier this morning. Not sure if I can find distilled water to use in it for the first couple of nights.

Meanwhile, I had left the Select Comfort pump unplugged all day...and after I plugged it back in last night, it eventually came to life and I was able to get more air into my mattress.

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