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Opinionator: The Two Big Questions on Health Care

Link: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/28/the-two-big-questions-on-health-care/?smid=tu-share

The remaining mysteries of the Roberts vote and the Medicaid expansion.

Insurance premiums are higher for state workers (and for others whose employers cover them) because of the uninsured.

So my premiums should be going down eventually?

Health IT Is a Small, But Significant Part of Health Reform

Link: http://mashable.com/2012/06/29/health-it-health-reform/

I’m finding all sorts of things that I have already been diagnosed with, but nobody had ever thought to tell me before….

I have seasonal allergies

I've known that ever since I moved to the US/midwest. Though I don't know if I would see myself moving back to Canada/southern Alberta in the near future....

But, I have always been curious as to just what I'm allergic to. Though I've never had an allergy test, the doc just prescribed some stuff...Zyrtec and Rhinocort. And, that made things tolerable.

Though Rhinocort was expensive, tier 3...high copay. So, I wasn't refilling it as often as I should. And, I was getting my Zyrtec from Canada....since it was available OTC & generic (Cetirizine) long before it was the case in the US.

Healthcare costs might be a compelling reason to move back some day. :hmm:

Then I was out of work, and then new job has different insurance (and co-insurance instead of co-pay)....plus allergies seemed different here than there. But, I stayed with Zyrtec...but hadn't pursued getting a new prescription. Plus Zyrtec is now available OTC and generic...and isn't covered by insurance anymore. Insurance won't pay for other allergy choices either....consider it a lifestyle medication.

I did Flonase for a while here there...and the newer brand version from the same company (forget the name, just recall that it was tier 3...so high co-insurance)...though more because of my breathing/OSA issues.

Anyways....now I'm seeing a specialist for sleep stuff....and he had me do an allergy test. Was surprised that it was just a blood test.

Later I got a phone call, saying yes I'm allergic to a bunch of seasonal things....take Zyrtec and Singulair.

Though I didn't get a summary letter, since I was curious as just what exactly.... So, toady I asked for a copy of the results.

For "Allergens, Zone 11": I'm allergic to Kentucky Bluegrass, Johnson Grass, Alternaria tenuis, White Oak, and Wormwood/Sagebrush.

Yay? |-|