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Friday at 27th Annual Narcolepsy Network Conference

...I am fried.

I woke up at 6:30am to take my second dose, but suddenly I was sneezing like crazy and all sorts of drainage. That I decided to not take the second dose right away, and ended up drifting into some additional sleep and while HH where I dreamt that somebody had secretly reprogrammed my machine through a extra hidden control code in the DEVICE control card. To induce all the sneezing that was happening.

Probably more like my allergies run wild here in Ohio. I had forgotten that when I used to live here, I would often get hit with really bad allergies into late October. Mali commented the air is really dry here, and that is contributing to things to....suppose I should try cranking my humidifier on CPAP tonight. Though if my nose doesn't stop running and unstuff, it might be an obstacle to trying.

So, I end up getting up at about 8am, or giving up. I'm feeling relative wide awake, so I decided to go seek out breakfast. Which included some of the most glorious bacon.

And, then I wander around looking to see what kind of volunteer work I can get into...still not sure if I will or won't make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tour that I had signed up for. Eventually, I decided that I need to find a drugstore, and try to knock down my allergy a bit. On the way out to the drugstore, I pass Ming and Shawn...who want to try tweaking the formatting of the schedule, which I haven't gotten one of yet.

I eventually get drawn into helping with signage and later the work on producing the folders. But, I do get to drop down to Table 45 for some sushi, a tempura shrimp roll and a spicy tuna roll with Tamara.

I briefly go past registration which is setting up, around 2pm...and at least I get my badge....because after that I disappear into the behind the scenes chaos and not participate or interact with friends, etc. as I had hoped. And, end up missing the Friday night dinner groups, as well as dinner...except for a few bits of scavenged food and cake. And, some poor decaf coffee, followed by an herbal tea. Guess a disappointment for such a nice hotel. The decaf coffee at the Vegas conference was way better, probably one of the best decaf coffees I had ever had.....maybe not the best cup of real coffee, but pretty darn good compared to a lot of regular coffees I've had over the years.

Though, I guess, Vegas was the last time I had coffee....though I've been tempted now and then to break out the coffee maker at home, either to end the avoid caffeine life I've been on. Or, to change up my morning hot beverage routine.

Anyways, I at least see a few familiar faces, and say the occasional hello here and there, and make significant headway on having folders for the morning, until my back is hurting so bad that neither sitting and working on folders nor standing and working on folders is bearable. Plus the sneezing is getting bad again.

So, its off to Au Bon Pain, because the hospitality suite is closed for the day....to get more bottled water, so I can have my meds for the night and morning.

Might just do a single dosing tonight, since breakfast is less than 7 hours away (which is less than the minimum 8)

The folders drama seemed a lot bigger than my perspective, guess it was good that my flight in on Thursday was so delayed.... Though I hope to engage more into the sessions and activities of the next two days.