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Eye Exam Update

There really does seem to be a correlation between when insurance pays out and when I get results, because I got EOB for my Feb 8th Eye Exam on Feb 19th, and the next day (Feb 20th) I get a phone call about the results of the test that was performed in the Eye Exam.

OTOH, getting it on the first day back to work after returning from Gallifrey One was probably a good thing, going to Gallifrey One this year was somewhat less enjoyable for a variety of reasons and the big prescription change was one of them. Worrying about other stuff would've probably made things worse.

Anyways...I'm guessing the extra test was the Retinal Thickness Analyzer...anyways it noted that there was some thinning in my retina which could indicate glaucoma and that I'm to do another test in 6 months.

Not sure where I land on this....

Meanwhile...I went and pulled the trigger on a new pair of glasses on Feb 23rd. Hopefully it'll be on the shorter side of a week to 10 days. Still haven't decided when I'll get a second pair, and whether that second pair will be prescription sunglasses, transitions or something else.