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Almost had to test the trip protection on latest flight

Last night I had a trip that almost put to the test the trip protection insurance that I get automatically whenever I charge an airplane ticket to my American Express card. I went to bed early last night, so try to get full benefit of my sleep medication while still getting up at 3am for the 6:10am flight out of Manhattan.

I got up about 11pm, to go to the bathroom and take my next dose, when I got wobbly and thought I had braced myself on wall between to doorways, but I didn't realize that I while I was against that wall I was still falling forward until my head whacked into the door jamb. And, I hit it really hard and it really hurt. Though after that I was more awake than I had been in a while. (Last time was probably when I broke my foot....)

I could feel a bump forming on my head...but, I still did what I had gotten up to do and went back to bed and took my next dose. Though I lay there wondering if I shouldn't have or whether I would wake or if I should get my head checked out or something. Would I get Black Car to take me to hospital in the morning instead of airport? Eventually these things cleared my mind and I was able to get back to sleep.

Next morning things were feeling ok...so I finished off my packing, and after repeated passes by the mirror...I finally looked to see what kind of bump/mark there was on my head. Didn't look too bad. As I was leaving the near to last thing was packing my CPAP mask. I did make a special effort this time to make sure I had packed my pillow alarm.

And, then I was off. During the frenzy, I kept thinking to myself that I should pick up smartphone for foursquare checkins and such. But, half way to the airport, I realized that I had forgotten my smartphone. So, no foursquare checkins this trip. Guess it'll have to be some future trip before I log an out of country checkin. Probably just as well. These days the smartphone is more of a nuisance than a convenience...especially the foursquare app. Which is why I stopped using foursquare for a long stretch last time.....

I still have a couple other phones with me, so its not like I'm unreachable by those who would need to reach me during the trip. Though I'll probably miss notifications by email...since I don't know how much I'll fire up a regular email client during the trip.

Guess the important thing is that I'll still make it up to Calgary for my mother's 70th birthday.

Though this has got to be the last time I ever do this. I'm getting tired of going on trips to places where the weather is worse (colder) than where I'm starting.

Second Major Trip, off to a bad start....

Well, I'm on board a flight from DFW to SAN for my second major flight since my Narcolepsy/Cataplexy Diagnosis....and its kind of off to a bad start.

While...the flights have been largely uneventful. There have been other issues.

In the rush for the last few steps that I need to do before I leave home, I did remember the usual like unplug hot water pot. Water plant, refill humidifier....though not the air washers. And, this time I did remember to set vacation hold on my thermostat. So first test of the days hold feature of my thermostat, meaning it shouldn't be freezing or a sauna (depending on what the weather is like when I'm away) when I get home.

However, I while in the air from MHK to DFW, it dawned on me that I didn't pack my pillow alarm. Will have to see what I can improvise when I get to hotel. And just now it occurs to me that I didn't pack my rollerpen, for writing in case my fountain pen (which I did pack) fails to make it...or runs out early. Though I also forgot to pack my (good) notebook, so I might not do much writing at all.

The other thing is that I wish I had gone to the chiropractor before this trip....my dizziness has been awful sometimes now. And, my back had started killing me on Friday....is now making air travel that much more painful. Might also cut into my activities at the conference.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out what kind sleep schedule I'm going to have during this conference....

But first, time for a $10 roast beef sandwich.....