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Swing for Sleep 2013 is over...

In 2011, I pledged $0.50 per birdie, resulting in $45 to Narcolepsy Network. I was surprised it added to me standing out at the conference that year. Though I heard some people say that I’m becoming someone that is an easily recognized regular associated with the conference…. So, I might wonder if I’m in the right place when I’m looking for the conference area, but others will think they are if they spot me? :hmm:

During the conference Nicole, had said she’s planning to break 100 next year.

I decided to take that dare, and pledge $1 per birdie in 2012.

That resulted in $121 to Wake Up Narcolepsy.

For whatever reason, I decided to stick with $1 per birdie pledge in 2013.

So, today…as I was coming home from work, I felt really thirsty…so first thing at home is to down a bottle of water.

One of the problems with having fewer co-workers now, is there’s no reminder to take a break around 3pm. And, by the time I realize its passed, I don’t feel like doing anything about it so close to quiting time, plus I’m usually in the zone to get that one last thing done before I call it a day.

Guess it was right to find the dreaded letter from Nicole Jeray…. this year its for me to donate $129 to Narcolepsy Network.

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Another "Swinging for Sleep" campaign has ended....

Link: http://www.nicolejeray.com/swinging-for-sleep/

I was sure I had blogged somewhere that I had made my pledge this year....about how I had only pledged $0.50 per birdie last year....so for the 90 birdies, my donation was $45 to Narcolepsy Network. And, that I joked that I should go with $1 per birdie...though she had said at the conference that she's planning to 'break 100' next year....

Yeah...I don't think I could 'break 100' in golf....

Anyways...when the campaign started up, I jumped in with a pledge of $1 per birdie this year....of course that was before, things all started going bad health wise this year...and to where I ran up a lot of medical bills in a short amount of time (before I would have HSA money to cover, I could claim now...but since the max I could put it was $3100, I want it for next year when my deductible will be $2500. Where it may just be that I hit it with the single fill of Xyrem in the new year....)

At least it led me to getting a diagnosis of Narcolepsy w/Cataplexy.

Which makes it good to support the two causes "Wake Up Narcolepsy" and The "Narcolepsy Network"...which as Nicole says:

Wake Up Narcolepsy is committed to finding a cure for Narcolepsy and The Narcolepsy Network helped me get my life on track after years of struggling with Narcolepsy.

Wouldn't say my life is back on track yet...but its coming around. So, I guess I'm more of a "Narcolepsy Network" supporter....hadn't heard of "Wake Up Narcolepsy" until around the conference last year....

So, this year it looks like the money is going to Wake Up Narcolepsy...so I went and made my donation of $121. It'll slot in with a smattering of charges that are Black Friday/Cyber Monday &#59;D

Oh yeah...I was going to see about ordering some more cpap stuff....wonder which sites are having the good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on the cpap supplies I need? :hmm: