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It is interesting to see that there is now a blog using

This post (September 19, 2012) was the date that I registered the domain name was registered on December 12, 2012… interesting that’s 12-12-12…..Dec 12 is also my dad’s birthday. He kind of has this thing about month = day…. which explains why my parents’ anniversary is May 5th ;D

I also had a fascination with dates, where once upon a time I was very good at remembering dates (which some friends found annoying as I would remember when their birthday was, especially as they got older or if the people that should didn’t)….but now I seem to be become bad at such things, among other things. Which makes it really bad that I had become overly dependent on electronic calendars and to then lose the contents of such.

10/23/13 @ 07:52
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