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Insomnia Awareness Week in April 1 to 7


Insomnia Awareness Week is sponsored by the American Sleep Association. From April 1 - 7, the ASA and its affiliates will be increasing awareness about Insomnia.

The primary objective of this campaign is to improve the nation's knowledge about the signs, symptoms, complications, diagnosis, and treatment options of Insomnia.


  • Difficulty initiation sleep
  • Difficulty maitaining sleep
  • Mind racing and 'clock watching' during the middle of the night.
  • Anxiety about not getting enough sleep


  • Anxiety about sleep
  • Feeling unrefreshed after sleep

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Best and Worst Foods for Sleep


I knew that cherries before bedtime were good, in fact there was time where I tried to incorporate it into my bedtime routine...though dealing with the pits was kind of the pits :P Though I guess it doesn't work as a morning food then?

Surprised about bananas, since that's what I have in the morning.... Also a big surprise is Chicken, since that's what I'll usually have if not beef. Though it expands to say any protein, unless you include a carb to tip things back. Though now and then, I've been known to have a big steak or beef cut, and no carbs.... hard enough having a vegie and/or fruit with it. Especially now. But, Cereal isn't that big of a surprise, since I've been known to have a bowl of cereal when pressed for time to have supper before I go to sleep. Though that's a bowl of Cereal with Soy or Almond Milk, since I don't have milk in my home.

Interesting about Jasmine rice, I got a rice cooker over a year ago...but still haven't used it to make rice...just haven't had time to sit down with it and make a batch, and see how it all works, etc. And, how to fit it into my schedule. Hopefully it'll be safe despite the warnings the security company makes about heat generating appliances within the motion detection field. Since I totally forgot the hotpot is in the field and turns on automatically at 5pm. I think I have a few bags of jasmine rice somewhere too, along with basmati...the reason I decided to finally get a rice cooker. Plus I was getting bored of just minute rice. read the whole article, click here.