Friday at 27th Annual Narcolepsy Network Conference

...I am fried.

I woke up at 6:30am to take my second dose, but suddenly I was sneezing like crazy and all sorts of drainage. That I decided to not take the second dose right away, and ended up drifting into some additional sleep and while HH where I dreamt that somebody had secretly reprogrammed my machine through a extra hidden control code in the DEVICE control card. To induce all the sneezing that was happening.

Probably more like my allergies run wild here in Ohio. I had forgotten that when I used to live here, I would often get hit with really bad allergies into late October. Mali commented the air is really dry here, and that is contributing to things to....suppose I should try cranking my humidifier on CPAP tonight. Though if my nose doesn't stop running and unstuff, it might be an obstacle to trying.

So, I end up getting up at about 8am, or giving up. I'm feeling relative wide awake, so I decided to go seek out breakfast. Which included some of the most glorious bacon.

And, then I wander around looking to see what kind of volunteer work I can get into...still not sure if I will or won't make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tour that I had signed up for. Eventually, I decided that I need to find a drugstore, and try to knock down my allergy a bit. On the way out to the drugstore, I pass Ming and Shawn...who want to try tweaking the formatting of the schedule, which I haven't gotten one of yet.

I eventually get drawn into helping with signage and later the work on producing the folders. But, I do get to drop down to Table 45 for some sushi, a tempura shrimp roll and a spicy tuna roll with Tamara.

I briefly go past registration which is setting up, around 2pm...and at least I get my badge....because after that I disappear into the behind the scenes chaos and not participate or interact with friends, etc. as I had hoped. And, end up missing the Friday night dinner groups, as well as dinner...except for a few bits of scavenged food and cake. And, some poor decaf coffee, followed by an herbal tea. Guess a disappointment for such a nice hotel. The decaf coffee at the Vegas conference was way better, probably one of the best decaf coffees I had ever had.....maybe not the best cup of real coffee, but pretty darn good compared to a lot of regular coffees I've had over the years.

Though, I guess, Vegas was the last time I had coffee....though I've been tempted now and then to break out the coffee maker at home, either to end the avoid caffeine life I've been on. Or, to change up my morning hot beverage routine.

Anyways, I at least see a few familiar faces, and say the occasional hello here and there, and make significant headway on having folders for the morning, until my back is hurting so bad that neither sitting and working on folders nor standing and working on folders is bearable. Plus the sneezing is getting bad again.

So, its off to Au Bon Pain, because the hospitality suite is closed for the get more bottled water, so I can have my meds for the night and morning.

Might just do a single dosing tonight, since breakfast is less than 7 hours away (which is less than the minimum 8)

The folders drama seemed a lot bigger than my perspective, guess it was good that my flight in on Thursday was so delayed.... Though I hope to engage more into the sessions and activities of the next two days.

Getting settled in Cleveland - Narcolepsy Network Conference

Well, sitting around in the airport terminal was dull, though I then remembered I had my Kindle to catch up some reading.

Soon, I was getting notifications that the 5:05pm flight to DFW was going to be delayed as well. But, 5:35pm seemed to fact, while waiting in security it was upgraded to 5:30pm. And, the wind seemed to cut 15 minutes off of our flight time. So, there was ample time to make my connection for Cleveland.

During the flight from MHK and DFW....I took a 30 minute take off nap, and then was awake for the rest of the flight, reading and re-reading the inflight magazine and skymall catalog.

Looked like that would be an on-time, until we were informed that there were two passengers still making their way through the terminals that we were waiting for. So ended up leaving 15 minutes late.

But, we went....on the flight I got a gingerale and a bag of spiced nuts. Guess that'll be it for today. I arrive at the airport, and after what seemed like an bag appeared. And, then it was where's my transportation. I wander back and forth a few times, check information, told I probably have to call them....though they might be hard to get a hold of at this time. But, I had called ahead about the time change....and it was only about 20 minutes later than I had said. Well, the touchscreen doesn't have them, person says guess they got removed. Maybe there's a brochure somewhere. Same number...still no answer. Well, I guess I'll have to find my own way to the hotel.

Could hire a towncar, $ only. Or taxi $35, will take credit card. So I go for taxi. Except that the cab starter sets me up with a taxi driver that isn't an airport taxi and therefor doesn't take credit cards. So, I did up some cash...and pay the $35 even.

Then to get settled in the room....there's a lot of work....and there's no vending machines in this hotel. Just the mini bar...can't tell what they want for cheap old bottled water. Its all wired, so if I pulled the wrong thing...I'd get charged. Looks like just fancy waters...starting at $4 a bottle and up. Check at the front desk....there's vending machines at the ER, or there is an Au Bon Pain up and over by skyway that's closer and open 24/7. So, I get a $1.75 bottle of water....

I mix it up with a Crystal Lite To Go packet (Appletini....and mix up my Xyrem) Though I end up drinking the rest of it after washing down my pills for the night. Guess I'm a little bit thirsty. Guess I'll be needing more later.

Was shooting to get to bed by 2am...but looks like it'll be more like that means my day won't start until 10:30? Oh well. Such is life. Thought I had packed more charging cables....and thought I had packed a full fountain pen, though doesn't look like it leaked. Guess we'll see when I update my sleep journal in the morning.

But now to shower and sleep.....

Ogden Weather Advisory....

Ogden, KS Weather Advisories, Watches & Warnings


in effect until Thursday, Oct 18, 7:00pm.








Now I'm starting to worry more about whether my 5:05pm from MHK is still going to happen, etc.

Flying to 27th Annual Narcolepsy Network Conference...maybe

Well, I was hoping to get in with time to get some supper and a good night's rest before the conference.

But, seems everything is going wrong today.

The wake up and get ready for ride to airport wasn't too fact I was ready to go before 9am, though I had delayed the scheduled pick up to 9:30am...because they estimated time is a lot shorter than I'm used to, and they hit it quite well when I rode on October 2nd.

Finally about 9:20, I went out...remembering that they're more than punctual on pickup, they are there a bit before hand. And, sure enough a Black Car was waiting already.

But, it took a little longer than estimated to get to the airport, though still reasonable. The delay was due to different K-18 construction blocking the entrance to the airport, requiring a detour to get there.

Checking my bag and getting my boarding passes wasn't too bad, though going through security was a different. When I first started flying with CPAP, it was take it out for them to x-ray and swab. Then a couple years ago, they didn't care anymore. And, I didn't need to take it out. But, now they want it out and checked again.

Though no problems with Xyrem. That first time through.

After getting settled to wait for boarding, the PA came on to say that our plane got diverted to Tulsa, OK due to high advisory which is in affect until 7pm, i found out later. They don't know when the plane will make it in, so everybody needs to leave the security area, and check on their connections, etc.

After a lot of standing, I find that my DFW to CLE flight has been rebooked to 7:45pm...arriving 11:15pm in I'll be lucky if I hit the hotel by midnight, etc. Guess I'm going to sleep in on Friday morning and for go the Rock & Roll Hall Fame tour....

Guess second time through security should go smoother :)

And, I guess I can get use of the Admiral's Club to pass the time in DFW. they've officially cancelled my flight to DFW. Well, the agent said he would hold me a spot on the next flight, so hopefully he'll make that happen.

So maybe no Admiral's Club now....but still hopefully make it into Cleveland tonight.

Best and Worst Foods for Sleep


I knew that cherries before bedtime were good, in fact there was time where I tried to incorporate it into my bedtime routine...though dealing with the pits was kind of the pits :P Though I guess it doesn't work as a morning food then?

Surprised about bananas, since that's what I have in the morning.... Also a big surprise is Chicken, since that's what I'll usually have if not beef. Though it expands to say any protein, unless you include a carb to tip things back. Though now and then, I've been known to have a big steak or beef cut, and no carbs.... hard enough having a vegie and/or fruit with it. Especially now. But, Cereal isn't that big of a surprise, since I've been known to have a bowl of cereal when pressed for time to have supper before I go to sleep. Though that's a bowl of Cereal with Soy or Almond Milk, since I don't have milk in my home.

Interesting about Jasmine rice, I got a rice cooker over a year ago...but still haven't used it to make rice...just haven't had time to sit down with it and make a batch, and see how it all works, etc. And, how to fit it into my schedule. Hopefully it'll be safe despite the warnings the security company makes about heat generating appliances within the motion detection field. Since I totally forgot the hotpot is in the field and turns on automatically at 5pm. I think I have a few bags of jasmine rice somewhere too, along with basmati...the reason I decided to finally get a rice cooker. Plus I was getting bored of just minute rice. read the whole article, click here.